Through The Looking Glass - Gabe & Anna

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Those who create reality out of their dreams, are truly beacons of inspiration. The people who revoke typical societal standards and leave behind the ordinary and complacency of mundane day to day routine for a life that fulfils their individual desires.. These people have truly figured out how to create and nurture ones life. 

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Recently, we visited one of the worlds most expensive, yet visited cities - London. A place where the cost of living continues to grow, poverty and homelessness are on the rise, following your dreams may send you broke but thousands of people are challenging the set standard by living differently. While we were in London, we had the absolute pleasure of visiting Anna and Gabes homely abode, docked on the shores of East London. Gabe, a folk musician from Canada and Anna, a travelling performance artist from England. 

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As we walked across the bridge, we became completely in awe of this gorgeous floating gem. Anna was outside painting the final brush strokes to the naming of the boat, “The Looking Glass” Whilst Gabe gave us the grand tour. We met Andrea, Anna’s mum who is also an artists and ate some delicious German Pasta that Gabe and Andrea had just made. Through out the whole cabin, the aroma of burning wood filled the air, adding to the aura of home.

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We spoke about the journey so far, from start to now and how the boat looked completely different when they first picked it up, over a year ago - when it was barley safe to navigate through the waterways. Now this completely idyllic floating home is the nest of two beautiful souls. The interior of their home is lovely and quaint, with a huge amount of character. Objects embedded with meaning including, Knick knack’s collected from their journey’s, photographs, beautiful quotes, reclaimed furniture and bits and pieces filled the space to create the feeling of home that travels wherever they go.

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Gabe and Anna’s living situation creates the perfect illustration of minimalist living, community and designing their own lives to suit their souls desires. The houseboat community is strong and continues to grow. Every two weeks they're required to find a new location and dock, for an ever changing backyard. Along the water ways, houseboat owners are able to gain free access to water and electricity and for the minimal cost £800 per year, they are able to stay a float. £800 pounds a year? Yep, that’s their annual rent. In London, on average, the price of rent, inner city is upwards of £1200 per month.

We left Gabe and Anna’s home feeling nothing less than inspired, warm and full of gratitude and appreciation for those who choose the river less travelled.

Words By Jess Sommerfeld - Photos by Richard Clifford